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Orange Communication Workshop Presentati
Tuesday, October 6 & 13, 9–11 am

Crafting Crucial Conversation

     We are living at a time of polarization and information glut. Both conflict and excessive data make it difficult to access wisdom, make decisions, and build good relationships. This workshop is those who wrestle with where to start and how to keep communication open, helpful, and positive. You will learn how to prepare and lead crucial, meaningful, focused conversations.

     The workshop will take place online. There will be two sessions.  Each session will be two hours in length. The workshop is "hands-on" and time will be allowed for practice and feedback. To allow adequate time for everyone, registration in the workshop will be limited to a total of five participants.

Registration Fee

     Dialog Works recognizes this time of pandemic has not only increased the need for crucial conversation but presents financial challenges. The decision has been made to base the cost of the workshop on a sliding schedule. If you would like to register, you will be asked to choose the amount you are able to pay. The schedule begins at  $20 and goes to $50 for the workshop.

     Registration fees must be paid 48 hours prior to the day of the workshop. 

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