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A New Chapter in Ministry
Strategies for implementing a new ministry

The collaboration between Dialog Works and Wartburg Seminary is an effort to do something about an issue that the church has worried and talked about for years. While doing something is better than just stewing and endlessly hashing an issue over, this initiative is more than just doing something, it's an attempt to offer the right things, the needful things for the current church landscape. Using the very best of academic and pastoral resources, the collaboration offers ways to help leaders and congregations find a path forward together.

The Rev. Matt Larson

Assistant to the Bishop,

Southeast Minnesota Synod, ELCA

In this sample video from the course, Mark introduces the first unit materials and course contributor Pastor Nancy Nyland.


As a result of this course, participants will be equipped to lead a process for reforming a ministry by:

  1. becoming aware of congregational missional forms and adaptations and their benefits and challenges;  

  2. learning techniques and tools to implement those forms and adaptations;

  3. increasing capacity, courage, and confidence to facilitate and experiment with the process;

  4. understanding how change and duress can lead to healthy missional adaptations; and

  5. gaining access to resources and resource people who might accompany and aid them in implementation.


This course is the third of the Engaging God's Future series. While it picks up after the Discernment course, it is designed to stand alone. Participants will learn how to implement strategies for missions to sustain and revitalize congregational ministry. This course examines possible missional formations such as geographical parishes, shared ministries, ministry cooperatives, other creative adaptations, and the actions that can bring them to reality. 

Course Schedule

This course is offered at various times during the year. Visit the new course site for the latest information on the schedule.

Cost: $245

Dialog Works practices "graceconomics." You will be invoiced the full amount but asked to pay the amount you can afford.


Those completing the course, including the final project,  will be awarded 2.4 CEUs from Dialog Works and Wartburg Theological Seminary. 



The Rev. Peter Soli

Project Director and Instructor

Peter is founder of Dialog Works and the Director of the Engaging God's Future training. Learn more about Peter here.


The Rev. Dr. Mark Yackel-Juleen


Mark is on faculty at Wartburg Seminary. Learn more about Mark here.

Course Contributors

Nancy Nyland Head Shot.jpeg

The Rev. Nancy Nyland

Course Contributor

Nancy is the Director for Evangelical Mission in the Indiana-Kentucky Synod of the ELCA. She offers her years of experience walking with congregations as they implement new ministry. Learn more about Nancy here.


Michael Bash, JD

Course Contributor

Mike is the synod attorney for the NE MN Synod, ELCA. He has extensive experience working with churches making changes to their charters, constitutions, property, or forming new ministries. Learn more here.

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