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Strategic Planning Session



A facilitated workshop can bring new life to a congregation. In our workshops we invite people to talk about their church’s ministry and future, creating a shared experience that helps participants understand each other. They reach consensus about their ministry and become willing to commit to a new future.

When would a Dialog Works consensus-building workshop be helpful?

  • When the congregation is making big decisions about the future, asking questions such as, Should we partner with another congregation? Should we sell the parsonage? Should we close? Where is God leading us?

  • ​When you need to organize a project and get things done. This is an action planning workshop.

  • When people can’t seem to agree and you need agreement to go forward.

  • When the congregation needs to learn more about itself, its history, and what factors will influence its future.

  • When there is a need for a long-range plan and strategy.

Dialog Works offer direct services to congregations and leaders.

Consensus Workshops
Transforming Conflict
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In a small congregation, all the members need to work together. Disagreement can be a big problem. Conflict can spell the end of a church.

     Some disagreements have solutions, others don’t. All conflicts are about what is most important. When we carefully listen, we will hear value statements. Often these will be shared values. Here is where there is an opportunity for change.

     Dialog Works can be a neutral third party and help the conflicted congregation. We invite people to share stories and listen for values. Then together they imagine a new story.

     We coach individuals who are stuck in difficult situations. Together we explore their situation, develop options, and decide the best way forward.

Building Relationships
Support Group

Rebuilding Relationships

A safe place is necessary for rebuilding and restoring relationships. We create a time and place to tell personal stories and share feelings using a circle process, which has proven to be a powerful tool for healing conflicted congregations.

     When people have been hurt, there is resentment. We gather for a Neutralizing History evening. Together we to work through our hard feelings. The goal is to speak and be heard, let go of the past, and be ready to move forward.


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