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Practical Tools and Resources for the Journey

I appreciated the videos to view in preparation for class. The spiritual practices videos from Martha were good reminders for me to engage in reflection in an intentional way. I liked having more than one voice-the newness of Peter and the familiarity of Mark. They partnered well together. Peter, Mark and Martha's combined experience brought a richness to the class content and conversations.

Rev. Marie Bonnie - Altamont Lutheran, Altamont, IL


Through this course, participants will:

  • Learn to use tools and methods to identify factors in the local congregation and community that impact ministry sustainability today and into the future;

  • Discover ways to determine the mission, hopes, and dreams of the congregation;

  • Explore the spectrum of faithful possibilities open to congregations facing sustainability challenges;

  • Be able to identify outside resources that can assist in addressing sustainability challenges; and

  • Gain confidence and capacity as a leader to engage congregational sustainability challenges.

Course Schedule

This course is scheduled at various times over the year. Click on the course page link to access a current schedule.


Participants are equipped to assess the congregation’s current situation and lead congregations to consider faithful adaptations for future ministries. The course begins with a look at the big picture of the congregation and moves to look inward at the roles and relationships with the pastoral leader. This is followed by a look outward at the congregation's setting and community. Finally, looking forward presents options for sustainability, renewal, or closure.

Cost: $245

Dialog Works practices "graceconomics." You will be invoiced the full amount but asked to pay the amount you can afford.


Those completing the course, including the final project, will be awarded 2.4 CEUs from Dialog Works and Wartburg Theological Seminary. 



The Rev. Peter Soli

Project Director & Instructor

Peter is founder of Dialog Works and leads the Looking Inward and the Looking Forward units. Learn more about Peter here.


The Rev. Dr. Mark Yackel-Juleen

Lead Instructor

Mark is on faculty at Wartburg Seminary and leads the Looking Outward and the Big picture units. Learn more about Mark here.

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