SEMN Rostered Leaders Zoom Room

Leaders are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Making it Covid 19 Crisis Together


Room Open Mondays from 1:30 - 2:30 pm


To join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 516 257 083 

Phone in number: 312 626 6799

     Zoom is relatively easy to use. Think of going to a meeting but rather than going physically, you go to a meeting room which is online. The room will have a host. For our meeting, the host will be me. I will have made the room available for you.

     To get to the room you click on the link which will be in the invitation. Before you can enter the room, Zoom checks your computer, tablet, or phone to make sure it has what is needed to connect. Most people, the first time they Zoom, will be prompted to download and install a small file that enables the connection. Once installed, you will be brought into the room. Click for a video illustration of the process.

     There are two main concerns in a Zoom meeting - seeing and hearing (video and audio). You have options. Check out this short YouTube video on video and audio.

     Finally, if joining the online meeting using your phone, tablet, or computer doesn't work for you, you can join just using audio, like a teleconference. Your invitation will include a phone number to call into the meeting. You will also have a meeting id number and will be asked to supply this id when you make your phone call. It is possible to join a meeting using the internet for the video and a telephone connection for the audio. Sometimes this is necessary if the computer doesn't have a microphone or speaker and if you encounter issues with your audio.

Tips for new Zoom users
Call or Text: 507-369-6303   

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