“Rev. Peter Soli led the congregation and leadership of Grace Lutheran Church, Mankato through a transition discernment process. He listened closely to our needs and responded with a detailed process that helped us meet our goals. Rev. Soli was always thoroughly prepared and a consummate professional. I highly recommend him and Dialog Works.” 


When people or organizations contact me, they are usually feeling caught, stressed, at risk and they are wondering if anything can help. I listen carefully,help clarify goals and what they desire for the future. Together we tailor services to match their specific needs and situation. Our conversation shapes the service provided. I work at determining and proposing solutions which find the opportunity in the conflict.

Rev. Dr. Scott Olson 

Parish Pastor and Intentional Interim Pastor


Facilitation Services

Facilitation brings new life to organizational change. People need to be invited to rethink, redesign, and restructure the organization. In the shared experience of a facilitated workshop people grow in their commitment, confidence, and are prepared to deal with change.

What type of facilitation might be helpful?

  • Focused Conversations (use as a stand alone process for inquiry or in conjunction with other tools like a Circle Process)

  • ​Action planning (when you need to organize a project and get things done)

  • Consensus workshop (building and naming consensus)

  • Environmental Scan and Trend Analysis (often done as part of  a strategic planning process)

  • Strategic Planning (a powerful tool for organizational vitality)

At the beginning of facilitation, we come together to design a process to meet your needs. We identify the issue/topic/problem; who should be involved; what kind of "product" or outcome the facilitation will ​produce; the best way to organize; possible roadblocks to success; a timeline for the facilitation; and project budget. 

My fees are negotiated and based on the scope of the project. 

Email today to inquire about Facilitation.


Mediation has been defined as "facilitated negotiation." While we all negotiate and do so from an early age (just think of those teenage years), a mediator is employed when people get stuck and can't seem to agree on a final solution. A trained, neutral facilitator assists parties in reaching an mutually acceptable agreement.

Perhaps we are most familiar with mediation coming out of the court system in the areas of divorce, labor management, or personal injury. I am a trained mediator (Mitchell Hamline School of Law) and am a qualified neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice.  

I have also trained with the Mennonite Church in mediation, narrative mediation, and restorative justice. These trainings provide me with the tools for mediating interpersonal issues or conflict between groups within an organization. Resolution in these cases is often experiences as restoration of relationship and making peace.

Key factors in mediation are: it is strictly confidentiality; it is a voluntary process; it can be terminated at any point; and the parties determine the agreement. 

Email today to inquire about Mediation.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is for individuals who are dealing with complex issues involving unresolved disputes. Often the stakes are high, especially for leaders in management, labor, churches, volunteer organizations, or the family. If you are feeling stuck or caught in a web of issues and conflict, you may want to consider conflict coaching.

In a coaching session, you will review with your situation, identify your goals, and develop options in relationship to the contributing factors. You will decide on a plan for going forward and, in some instances, roleplay to practice your chosen option. Coaching empowers you to make choices and helps you follow through on your choices. We don't spend our time in sessions looking back and assigning fault or blame. Our focus is on the present and the factors contributing to the issue at hand.

Coaching is usually done over the phone or using Zoom online conferencing. Before contracting, we begin with an inquiry which is free of charge. In the inquiry, we talk, get to know each other and the situation, and determine if a coaching contract makes sense. If chosen, the coaching contract is based on a sliding hourly fee. Sessions are generally 60 -- 90 minutes. You determine how many sessions. However, two or three are usually sufficient.

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