Seven Ways to Ensure Unending Conflict

1. Avoid talking to that person To make certain the conflict you have with someone persists, it is of number one importance that under no circumstance should you ever talk directly to him or her. For example: When (let's call him John) John calls you and says that he would like to talk, tell him that it isn't a good time or change the subject.

2. Tell others To stabilize a conflict and in some instances escalate conflict, it helps to talk about the other person or situation with a friend. If this friend does not listen, find another who will agree with you. For example: Say to your friend Mary. "Did you know that John lied to me?" Then tell Mary all about it.

3. Assume they are out to get you Under no circumstances should you let your guard down. Your enemy is out to get you! Be ready at all times to defend yourself from attack. It will certainly come. For example: John may continue to invite conversation. He may even say he is sorry. Don't believe him and remember #1.

4. Don’t be afraid to use strong language If you are truly interested in keeping the conflict going, you will need to, from time to time, use hyperbole or exaggeration when talking about the other person. For example: Sometimes people don't understand how bad what John did was. Instead of saying he is bad, use words like disgusting, traitor, and imbecile.

5. Imagine the damage the other might do Conflict lives on a slippery slope. Don’t forget this. For example: (This is a practical caution.) If John, the imbecile, did one stupid, disgustingly bad thing then you can be sure he won't stop there.

6. List everything bad the other person has done and make it public There is nothing wrong with listing the other person’s indiscretions and sins. It greatly helps when others are made aware of these. For example: Sometimes it's helpful to mention to others (FaceBook is a good medium) some of the other bad things John has done. Establishing a pattern is important if you want to insure unending conflict.

7. Never give in Compromise and collaboration are the enemies of conflict. Remember that you are right. Stand your ground and win. For example: When you are tempted ease up it helps to go back to what happened. Relive the event in your mind and get back in touch with your motivation.

Bonus Be sure to yell!

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