A Grassroots Project

“For we are God’s servants, working together.” 1 Corinthians 3:9

The pandemic we are living through is presenting the church with opportunities otherwise rarely seen. This is especially true for small churches and congregations whose ministry, before the pandemic, was struggling with sustaining vital ministries. Our churches, in particular, the smaller congregations are at a point of asking, “Where is God leading us? What is next? What does effective, faithful ministry look like?” As they ask, there is a profound realization that given all that’s changed a return to the way we have been the church in the past is neither realistic nor suitable. Brene Brown puts it this way, “We are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment.”

I would like to learn more about the current situation in churches who are struggling to sustain their vital ministry. I’d also like to invite you to participate in a conversation around where God might be leading. To facilitate this, would you take a few minutes to answer a few questions about these grassroots ministries? You have two options.

  1. Complete a short survey (finish in about 3 minutes). Short Survey Link

  2. Complete a more detailed survey with the option of offering thoughts, advice, and stories. Detailed Survey Link

The survey is the beginning of a project called the Grassroots Sustainability Ministry Project. The project objectives are:

  • Discover alternative models and strategies for sustainable, vital ministry with small congregations.

  • Develop tools and resources for helping congregations and pastoral leaders who find themselves at a critical tipping point in their ministries.

  • Find direction and discern the best and helpful ways to strengthen the partnership between synods and small congregations struggling with sustainability issues.

Thank you for participating.

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